Nesm by the Numbers

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Sometimes it is helpful to hear some numbers if only to relay the scope of what it accomplished by your giving. Below are some figures to highlight the length and breadth of what we do in the ports of New England.

New England Seafarers Mission

Years operating as a ministry 138

Seafarers served:


Boston – 4,880 (201 ship visits)

Providence – 9,730 (459 ship visits)

Cruise Lines: Boston –41,658 (154 ship visits)

 Countries Met (TOTAL)

164 countries

1700+ languages/dialects (English is the universal maritime language, but seafarers can come from any number of regions. India, Philippines and Indonesia rank highest in dialects and rank in top 10 countries with maritime expatriate labor force.)

Physical Ministry Sites – 2

Ports served – 2

Chaplains/Ship Visitors – 7 (2 paid, 5 volunteer)

14 Marine Terminals under our watch.

 Churches/volunteers materially involved in ministry sites

48 churches/organizations from 11 states

103 Ministry Days serving

312 volunteers

15 staff volunteers

2 full time, 2 part-time professional staff

Churches/volunteers off-site ministry partnership

Christmas Gift Bags (Ditty Bags)

1,500 Ditty Bags

300 Gift Packages

30 churches contributing

67 volunteers on packing day

119 volunteers producing ditty bags, hats and sewing kits