Help for Houston!

We have all heard about the unfathomable deluge that the Houston Area has endured. On Monday night the Mayor of Boston extended a request for supplies to help those dislocate and affected by the hurricane. So early Tuesday morning we thought how the Mission could help. Throughout the years we collect donated T-shirts from various fund raiser walks and promo events and we found ourselves with a blessed excess of the items. Sure enough, new T-shirts were on the list of items needed, so that morning we contacted the Mayor’s office, rented a truck, palletized the boxes of T-shirts and delivered them to Boston City Hall. In all we gave them 200 boxes of t-shirts (about 7,000 shirts) ranging in sizes from children and youth to 2xxl. Many thanks to those organizations who had already donated the shirts to us, to MassPort, Ryder Truck/South Boston, DMSE events, Women’s Seafarers Friend Society and the Mayor’s Office for this adventure. Houston – Stay Strong – We are praying for you and help is on the way. Click Here to read the story