Cruise Ministry Info

We have privileges to park in the Coastal Cement Parking lot; 36 Dry Dock Ave, Boston, MA 02210


  • Coastal Cement – Located at the eastern end (closest to the harbor) of Black Falcon Ave. It is from here that one way traffic on Black Falcon Ave starts and heads up to the Mission and the Terminal. The lot is semi-circular bounded by a guard rail. On the street side is a one story pinkish building. Park PAST any cars already parked there or at least halfway in perpendicular to the guard rail inside the parking lot. CLICK HERE For Google Street View
  • Leave Parking Flyer on dash or windshield and walk up to dispatcher’s window in building and tell person inside that you are volunteering today and ask if it’s ok to park here today (They always say yes.) If building is unoccupied, just make sure flyer is on your dash or windshield. Walk UP Black Falcon (WEST) to the Mission.